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May 23 2020
Elizabethtown Ky World War II Battle Reenactment
At the Veterans Tribute in the Elizabethtown Ky Nature Park
1900 Ring Road Elizabethtown Ky 42701
Come honor the veterans and honor the past, come see the battle live.
Historical Veterans Tribute
World War II Re-enactment of Breakoutand Pursuit
(Normandy, July 1944)
Come see authentic vehicles and weapons.
German and American interactive campsites.
Military displays.
Memorabilia, souvenirs, and food vendors.


16,112,566  Americans Served in WWII
Approximately 496,777 are still living as of Sept 2018
372 are dying daily
Each of the WWII Reenactment Units are comprised of dedicated individuals whose sole purpose is to provide a venue for the continual education of the public, concerning one of the most significant and far-reaching military events of the 20th Century.
Sadly, as time passes, the historical truth behind the great freedoms we continue to enjoy in America today has been blurred by those who seek to re-write American History Books to coincide with their personal ideology instead of historical military facts.
The reenactment of – Combined Multiple Battles – fought during the Breakout and Pursuit at Normandy, France in July, 1944, – is a historically correct portrayal of the actual battles fought between the American and German soldiers. You will be able to visit the authentic WWII camp sites of both armies and view the weapons, vehicles, field gear, and uniforms of the Era (1939 – 1945)

Memorial Day War World II Reenactment

Elizabethtown Ky War World II Battle Reenactment join us May 23 2020.